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Where is My Dream Plane?

Hello everyone,

I have been an avid fan of Leeon Davis as an aircraft designer ever since stumbling across Budd Davisson's articles on airbum. I have since collected about every Sport Aviation, Contact! magazine, and website article I can find about him and his planes. After finding some cryptic clues here and here, two weeks ago I finally managed to scan a copy of Leeon's book Where is My Dream Plane? or The Rise and Fall of the Light Aircraft Industry in the U.S. for my collection. I have two questions I hope this forum can help with:

1) Does anyone know what the current copyright status is of the book? The front matter lists "Copyright 1989 By Leeon and June Davis". Did June retain publishing rights after Leeon's passing?

2) Does anyone have a clean copy of this book they are willing to sell? I would like to digitize a better copy if at all possible, especially if a deal can be worked out with the copyright holder to begin making reprints available.

Thanks for the help. I wish Bryan and D2 Aircraft all the best in getting more Davis' airplanes flying again.



I forwarded your post to Harold Davis for more information. Hopefully he will answer here but if not I will pass on any information he has.

Bryan Cass

D2 Aircraft

That's great news, Bryan. I have several books by EAA members that have become copyright "orphans" over the years; much like aircraft plans. It's always a shame to see such good information get lost for 70 years.

If you do speak to Harold, at least let him know that according to the checkout sheet his Dad's book still appears to be quite popular!


Actually I have been in contact with Harold for a couple of months now.  We just recently started talking about the book.  He has lots of good info and really good stories.  Hope to get more things going in the near future.