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Weight and balance

The plans review book shows weight and balance data for DA-2A S/N 1. Assuming I set up my spread sheet correctly, 2 FAA 170# people and zero fuel and zero baggage results in a cg at the aft limit. With heavier people or any baggage a minimum level of fuel would be required to stay within limits. For example, 360# of people and 30# of baggage would require 9 gallons of fuel, if my calculations are accurate. Are the weight and balance data for S/N 1 based on an O-200 engine or the original 65hp engine? Also, could the engine be moved forward to provide more aft cg margin?

Hi Steve,

Good question. The W&B for serial number 1 was with the continental 65hp. It does work out a bit better with an O-200. Also remember the seats are movable and the is good leg room so you could move the seats forward some.

Bryan Cass

Thank you, Bryan. I changed my spread sheet by adding 47# (based on quick internet research) to station 36 to account for the weight difference in the two engines. That resulted in plenty of aft cg margin for most scenarios.

Does anyone know what is the gross weight when the engine is C90?