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Tyre size and tread

Hi, I need to replace the nose wheel tyre for my DA2a. The obvious solution would be to use the same size that’s on there now; however I think that my previous supplier used an ‘equivalent’ size which I think is wrong, and that size only comes with a square tread (see photo). My inspector thinks that the square tread on my current tyre is what’s causing the nose wheel shimmy so I need to get a tyre with a standard linear aviation tread instead.

Main question: what’s the nose wheel tyre size of the DA2A please?

Sub-question: could the wrong tread be causing the nose wheel shimmy? Which happens on pretty much each landing when passing through 40mph ish.

Thank you!

Pete (UK)

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Check this page at Aircraft Spruce:

This is the tire type I've used, seems to work well.


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