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Site still active?


Is this still active?

somebody is spamming the DA-2 section...




This is Bryan. Cleaning it up now. What a mess!!!

Thanks Bryan... I can see that. Somebody spammed that one thread.

Are you and owner /operator of a Davis?

Yep, that spam was a mess to clean up. Took me several hours getting rid of several hundred spam messages. Also fixed the anti-spam plugin.

I was the owner until a bit over a year ago. I built the website too. Sold all to Rex. Still have admin rights to the website and hate to see it not maintained well so I decided to fix it. Not my favorite thing to do for free but it feels like my child so I just do it on occasion.

I do own the DA-3 built by Leeon Davis. It is available for sale including full rights to the design. I would like to sell to someone interested in creating drawings from the plane and making them available to others. Would make for a nice easy build LSA.