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Rare Birds

Harold Davis sent me a couple of pictures I just have to share with everyone. The pictures are of the DA-9 on the same trailer that everyone knows the DA-11 to be transported on. The other plane is the lesser known 2 place DA-11-2.

These are new pictures of the planes in their current condition. It is great to see they have been so well cared for.


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What was the goal Leeon had in mind with the Da-11-2? Too bad the Da-5 couldn't have the retractable nose gear like the Da-9.....

The 11-2 is actually a very nice little plane. The focus was on light weight and useful load. He went so far as to use titanium for the gear legs. The empty weight was only 450 pounds.

The plane only got 4-5 hours on it due to an issue with pitch attitude. It may need a change to the incidence on the tail feathers.

It sure would be a fun project to get this plane flying good and make it available.



Do you do you have any idea why Leeon used the DA-11 moniker on two such wildly different airplanes? I was always curious why it was called the DA-11-2 and not the DA-12...


I had the same question myself. I asked Harold and he had no idea. There may never be an answer to that question.

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