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Powering your DA

I'm looking for a project and selling all my certified aircraft. I need a "personal cruiser". I have heard these DA's can be powered with Corvair engines. Does anyone have experience with Corvair power... or even possibly an 80 hp. Volkswagen engine ?

Thanks for the help.... Ron


The DA-2 is a great little cruiser.  The prototype was flown with a Continental 65hp engine and performed good with that. The engine was later changed to an O-200 which made for a very nice performing cruiser.

There is a DA-2 that has been flying for many years on a Corvair engine. there is an article on FlyCorvair website. Here is the link:

As for VW power, 80hp would do it but I am not aware of any DA-2 flying with one.

Hope this helps some.