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Master of the V-Tail Article


I cleaned up the scanned images of the September 1986 Kitplanes article "Master of the V-Tail" posted on the Yahoo Builder's site and converted them into a PDF for my own personal use. The seven page article has details on all of the Davis designs completed up to that point, from the DA-1 through the DA-7.

Afterwards, I contacted Kitplanes magazine about getting permission to post the article back to the community:

To Whom It May Concern:

I have scanned a copy of the September 1986 article "Master of the V-Tail" and would like permission to share it with the Davis builders community on Yahoo Groups and on the new plans website,, if possible. I have attached my scan for your review. Will Kitplanes consider permitting non-commercial sharing of this article, with proper attribution?


That same day I received a reply back and they have kindly allowed me to share the article, saying the following:

Seeing as how it is very old, and we probably don’t even have it in our archives anymore, you have my permission to use it for non-commercial purposes.

Paul Dye
Editor in Chief
Kitplanes Magazine
Therefore I have attached the article in its PDF form to this post. Enjoy!
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