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Making it appealing

I think one of the things that needs to happen (who's going to do it?) to make this airplane more attractive to potential builders is to have a nice cowling available. I think that G-BPFL (see attached photo) has the nicest cowling I've seen on this airplane.

It looks modern. All the other cowls I've seen look like Frankenstein and are quite ugly.

I'm not sure if this is a one-off custom made cowling or if it's available from somewhere. The cowling from the Wittman Tailwind looks like it might work well too on this airplane and might just need simple fiberglass work to fit.

Another things that will help sell people on this airplane is the rivets. Being able to use pulled (pop) rivets would make this a lot more attractive to builders. I don't see why pulled rivets could not be used as there are a number of kitplanes with higher Vne's than the DA-2 that use pulled rivets.

Finally, potential builders need to see more info. For example, I am very interested in building this airplane, but I'd like to visit a website (like this one) and see lots of pics of the interior and the structure. Maybe be able to view a few pages of the plans. I'd like to see the V-tail mixing unit.

Basically I'd like to know a lot more information about this airplane than is currently available on the internet. I think this website is a great idea and has the potential to really promote this airplane. I realize that there are not many of these out there and it's a very small community, but the more info available the better!

Perhaps the owner of this website can start rounding up a list of owners and solicit the input here?

I'm at the 90% done 90% to go phase on my Zenith Cruzer and I'm really excited about maybe building a DA-2 next. If I can get the cruising speed up to 140-150 mph on a DA-2 then this airplane will be the perfect compliment to my Cruzer. Plus, I really don't want to spend another 75G on a second airplane!DA-2

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I agree with you 100% on the website needing work.  Unfortunately I am not all that good at it and can't really afford to pay for it, so it will take some time but it will be better.

Thanks for the input,


G-BPFL sure looks like a beauty! 

I think some build logs would be interesting for potential buyers, its certainly something that I look for when picking up potential projects. Does anyone know of any? Perhaps we could have a section on the forum for project logs?




You're doing a great job just having this website for those of us interested in this plane. Keep it up!