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Love this Plane!

I saw this airplane at Oshkosh 2017 and thought it was the coolest looking plane. I seem to gravitate toward the “unusual” looking planes. I am currently finishing up a Zenith Cruzer project and once it’s done, I’ll be looking for another plane to build.

the Cruzer is my fourth airplane and I think I might be ready to scratch build.

Im glad this website is here and I hope it can promote this airplane a little bit.

There’s almost no information on the internet about the DA-2. In fact I wanted to see what the B model looks like and can’t even find a picture of it.

i suppose the only thing I don’t like about the DA-2 is that it is too slow. My Cruzer will do 125 mph so it would be nice if I had a second plane that could cruise at around 140 to 150.

Any thoughts on how to speed up this cool little airplane?

Actually with an O-200 it should be able to do 140-150 cleaned up with pants and fairings.


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Bryan, you have the red, white, and gold DA-2, right? Yours is the one I saw at Oshkosh. Hopefully you will fly it in again this year.

I thought I read somewhere that the O-200 was too heavy? I believe the O-200 is 100hp. I’ll have to see if the Corsair is lighter.

I would definitely use wheelpants, make fiberglass wingtips, and any other fairings to clean up the airframe. 150 mph would be perfect!

Corvair....not Corsair!

Sorry, not my plane. That one belongs to Dennis Hutchison. It is a beautiful example of a DA-2.

I don't have a plane right now but hippie to soon. I have a potential deal in the works.

There is DA-2 that has been flying with a corvair for some time. Here is a link to am article on


I've been looking for plans for this plane for over 10 years now.  I didn't hesitate - bought them less than 30 seconds after I found this site.  Thanks for trying to resurrect the Davis planes. I currently fly a BD-4 which is a great plane, but I've wanted to build a DA-2B ever since I saw it in Kitplanes magazine (or was it Homebuilt magazine?) many, many years ago.  Since I retire before too long I'll have time to work on this project.


I seem to be attracted to square planes myself. My first project was a BD-4. They are a fine plane too. Lots of speed for the money.

Can't wait to see your work on the Davis.