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Let's see a pic of the DA-2B

I can not find any pictures of the B model. I'd like to see it as this may be the version I'd be interested in building since it's faster and some say better looking. I'm 6'1" so I'm not sure if I'd fit well with an almost 3" less head room. But, I'd sure like to see what the B model looks like. Does anyone have a pic they could share?

I'm 6"3, so I also have considered this, I did read somewhere that the seat rails are angled such as that as you slide the seat backwards it also goes down.  I guess the beauty of homebuilding is that we could make adjustments to the seating arrangement such that larger types can sit comfortably?

Yes that's true-as a scratch built plane one could probably modify the seats if needed. Most of my height is in my legs, so the lowered ceiling may not be an issue, but I'd sure like to see a B model!

I found the attached pic while researching this aircraft. It appears to have plenty of room inside (although pics can be deceiving!) . I would say that the one issue might be knees clearing the panel?

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The only B I know of was built by Norval Ferguson in the Roseburg, Ore. area.

It sits now outside in Arlington, Wash. Go to Washington DOT, Go to Airport Cams, Go to Arlington, Scroll to last pic, bottom right. Not much but better than nothing.

Some pictures I took of the DA-2B while I was at Arlington.

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