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Just Starting


I have never built anything bigger than a 1/72 B-52 model, and I am just starting a project where I bought a previously built DA2 set of remanufactuired parts that has been torn apart, parts replaced, and nothing put together.  Not all parts were re-manufactured, for instance, no fuel cell.  I do have 20+ blue prints, the plans review guide, but nothing really goes through and says, step 1, build this subassembly, build that subassembly, now put themboth togethe in this fashion, and set it aside until this other assembly is complete.

I guess my question is, does anyone have this type of build instructions?  Is there a video build log that I can use as my guide to what to do?  Or do I just find the most basic subassemblies that are not yet built and fabricate them, put them together with other subassemblies and fit them together where ever I can figure out they go together?



Let me just say also, that I think I am going to start with going through all the parts I have, and taking stock of them, and what condition they are in, and if they appear complete or not.  Then organizing them in some scheme where I can find specific parts quickly and efficiently.

Then and only the, would I start building parts and doing assemblies, I would love some advice.




I'm also starting a re-build/mod project of a Davis DA-2A. It would be great to compare notes as we go through this process. Where are you located? I'm in the Sugar Land, TX area. My email is l e m o y n e b o y e r   a t  h o t m a i l  d o t   c o m (hopefully you can decipher that). Look forward to hearing from you!