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Is the DA-2 Design right for me?


I have thought about constructing my first homebuilt aircraft for about 6 months now and want to start construction very soon!

But I have a hard time to decide which design to start with...

I want something with good crosscountry performance on good fuel economy with mild rough field capability (grass/dirt/snow/maybe even floats!?), 2 seater and simple construction.

I also have a silly dream of some day crossing the Atlantic with a single prop...


The DA-2 Seems to be a very nice design and as a solo piloted aircraft with 50gal? ferry tank, it would have quite long range for different expeditions!

However it as a bit slow with a Cruise speed of 110mph and a alleged max speed of 120mph, which does not seem to be right?

I would like a cruise speed of least 150mph. Is this possible? What is the VNE speed of DA-2? Is it possible to reinforce control surfaces to prevent flutter and rise the VNE?

What loads is it stressed to? normal category = +6/-3?


Would you recommend this aircraft for a beginner builder and pilot?

Sincerely Jim H.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your interest in the Davis DA-2. The DA-2 is a very simple to build and fly aircraft for a first time builder and low time pilot.

The DA-2 is should perform fine on groomed grass and dirt (be careful of potholes). I would highly discourage tying to put floats on it.

There have been some examples cruising as fast as 145 mph with an O-200 and no reported problems. Leeon Davis never published a Vne or max stress loading for the design so I would keep the stress within the Normal category.

Crossing the Atlantic in any single engine aircraft is a very gutsy endeavor and if you do try it someday, I wish you best best of luck. I'm sure it would be a very rewarding experience.

If you would like to talk about the design, feel free to give me a call 562-773-7285. Not too early, I work at night Pacific Time.

Happy New Year!!!


That sounds great!

I really like this design, reminds me a bit like a small Cherokee and from Budd Davisson report it handle like one too!


Anyway I did ordered a set of plans for it!


Is the any other documents that would be helpful in the build?

Or any other suggestions on good literature?


Happy new year!

/Jim H.



I have found the books by Tony Bingelis to be excellent for any level of builder. There is also a Yahoo group for the Da-2 that had been active for nearly 20 years. The people in this forum are a treasure of knowledge.

I will get your plans sent out by the end of the week.

Thanks, and have a safe and Happy New Year,



I will check out Tony Bingelis books.


/Jim H.


Have you found the Tony Bingelis' books? If so where did you find them?


Norm P.



The Tony Bingelis books are available from the EAA Store or from Aircraft Spruce.

I have access to the entire set of 4 and its a great reference.


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Thanks for the link.