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Has anyone substituted blind rivers for the specified solid rivers?

My calculations indicate that if I increase the diameter from 1/8” to 5/32” and double the number of rivers per inch I will have the same tensile and shear strength. Has anyone substituted blind for solid rivets in their project?




Are you a member of the Yahoo group da2a group? The blind rivets subject has been discussed there. I remember someone mentioned a builder had used them on his project, and it looked really nice.

Norm P.

Doug, if you use 1/8 cherry max they should be equal to AN470AD4. I allways wondered about the aerospacial trinadad, tampico, and tabogo, they seem to use avex rivits throughout



Thanks for the information.  In one of the articles it recommends to do the calculations yourself and choose a rivet and spacing to match the strength originally specified.  I am going to use a variety of products where the need presents.  Mostly AVEX 1661-0512 (5/32" rivets) and use 1.6 times the number of rivets specified.  This will give me the same strength It's not so easy to buck rivets by yourself.

I am installing a stainless steel firewall.  Due to corrosion between dis similar metals I will use stainless steel rivets to hold the firewall to the aluminum fuselage.  Is this acceptable or is there a better way?




I live in eastern North Carolina. If you are close, I can help you with the riveting.


Hi Norm:


Thanks for the offer.  My google map says we are 3136 km apart.  It's best I find someone a little closer.