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Harold Davis

I am saddened to report to the group that Harold Davis, son of Leeon Davis passed away on 11/7/21 due to complications from Covid19. This is a tragic loss to the aviation community.

For those who did not know, he worked hand in hand as a teenager with his father, Leeon, to design and build the DA-5.

I knew him personally as a good friend and one of the hardest working men I have ever known. He will be missed by many.

Bryan Cass


Thank you for informing the group of Harold.  I met Harold and his brother when I came to Midland to look at the DA-11 a few years ago.  We went back to his house before I left town.  He was a SUPER NICE guy!  His loss is a shock to me.  I can only hope the aircraft remain in good hand…and stay in Texas?!


Mike Cobb

League City, Texas

This is Brian Davis younger brother of Harold and the only remaining son of Leeon Davis.  I do have a sister who is still alive but she is not really into airplanes.    I will be moving the DA-11-2 to Oklahoma.  My plan is to fix its pitch problems.    I think dad's mind had started to go about a year before he passed.  I think that is why he didnt call it the DA-12.  In his mind it was just a 2 place version of the DA-11.  I was involved hands on with the DA-6 and very much hands on on the DA-7.  The DA-6 is missing.  It was sold to someone from TN or KY 30 years ago and last I checked it was never registered.  It anyone knows where it is I would love to find it.


Harold and I had discussed the DA-11-2 pitch problem at length and talked to an engineer who had a lot of hours in the DA-2  DA-5  DA-7 and DA-9 and we had a game plan but we never got around to it.  I am retired and have spent the last 15 months working on my wife's honey do list.  It will never be finished with her list but I am about to the point where I can start on my projects.  The first is to dry in my work shop and the the DA-11-2 is next.

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