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Flight in the DA-3

Sorry I'm just getting around to this now, but I wanted to pass on my experience flying with Brian Cass in his Davis DA-3, which has a slightly longer fuselage than the DA-2. I contacted Brian several months ago asking about the DA-2 and he coincidentally lives fairly close to me and offered to meet me at Corona Airport where I live to let me have a close up look and to take me for a hop. I've long been a fan of Leon Davis and his designs, particularly the DA-2 so it was a treat to see one up close. This allowed me to see that that the design and construction of the DA-2/3 is very basic and I can imagine it being a relatively easy build. What impressed me most, however was how well it flew and handles. It was more maneuverable than I thought it would be, while at the same time being pretty stable in straight and level flight. If someone was on the fence about whether or not to build a DA-2/3, I'd recommend taking a flight in one if possible. I'm currently trying to determine what to build and this aircraft is definitely on the top of my list.  Thanks very much Brian generously taking the time to show me your plane.

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