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Davis DA-3 For Sale


The DA-3 pictured at, one of only two ever built, this being the one built by Leeon Davis himself is now available for sale.  Included with the plane will be the full rights to the DA-3 design.  While there are no drawings for this model it would be a great opportunity for someone with the time and skills to create drawings.

The DA-3 is a great flying plane with more room than a C152 and will meet LSA requirements.  It is currently located at KFUL in southern California.

I have made extensive updates to the plane since I purchased it.  Added complete electrical system including starter, com radio, mode C transponder, intercom, Garmin G5 EFIS, 10.5" Android tablet mounted on panel with GPS moving map, electronic ignition and Prince P-Tip carbon fiber composite prop. Willing to install ADS-B if desired.

Asking $25K . This price is for group members only as I want the plane to go to a true Davis aircraft fan. The asking price will be higher if no takers here and posting on Barnstormers.

Email me direct if you have any questions.


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I don't see your direct e-mail.  Please e-mail me at rmillar(at) (put the @ symbol in place of  "(at)")