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Davis Da-2a fuselage possibly available

Hello....A Davis DA2A aircraft fuselage is in an outside storage yard behind the Birmingham, Alabama A/C museum.  Last weekend I was at the museum and saw it in the storage yard. The engine is missing and I believe that the instruments have been removed. The right aileron is also missing .The engine cowling is on the fuselage. I am a fan of the Davis a/c and I would hope that someone in your group might be interested in trying to purchase the fuselage and refurbish it. Here is an article link NextGen Heirloom ( about a Davis a/c that was trailer transported with the wing removed so hopefully the wing can be removed without too much trouble. It looks like it has been outside for multiple years.  I took several pictures which are included.  The museum phone number is (205) 833-8226.....

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