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DA-5 Plans Want List

I now have permission and will soon have the right to the DA-5 drawings. Harold Davis will have the rights to parts fabrication.

I am currently working on cleaning up the drawings and will be available for sale soon.  I have not figured out the price yet but it will be reasonable.

Please post here if you would like to reserve your plans and serial number and I'll add you to the list in the order received.

Serial #         Name

D2A-5001     John U 

D2A-5002     Michael D

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Please add me to the list. Any serial number is ok with me.

Michael Daniel

Awesome news.

Hey there Bryan, any updates?

Drawings are cleaned up and paper on order. Had to get my printer fixed too. Putting together an instruction and builders tips book to go with the drawings. Also working on the plans review book for the DA-5. Just a couple more days.

Thanks for your patience,


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DA-5 plans are now ready and can be purchased on the website.  The price for the plans is $190.00.  The Plans Review Book is also available.  The price for the review book is $40.00.

Thanks for your patience,

Bryan Cass

D2 Aircraft


Your plans are very well presented and Leon’s original drafting and design is clearly presented.


I would also also highly recommend your plans review books as a must have for either design.