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DA-3 Coming Home Soon

I have now purchased one of only two DA-3's ever built.  This particular plane is the one built by Leeon (data plate shows Dell Foutz).

Here is a link to the pictures I have available:  DA-3 Pictures

I will be flying the plane from it's current home at 1V6 in Colorado to KFUL in the Los Angeles area.  I will be making stops in Midland TX, Las Crucas NM, Scottsdale AZ and Palm Springs CA.  If anyone is on or near my route and would like to check out the plane, let me know so I can make plans to stop.

I intend to make the flight starting anytime after Sat 2/24 depending on weather.

Bryan Cass

D2 Aircraft

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That is quite the Journey! Wish I was somewhere along that route,


Have fun!

The DA-3 now lives at KFUL in Fullerton California.

It was a fun trip. Got to meet lots of good people along the way, notably Harold Davis. I spent two nights in Midland Texas with Harold and got to see all kinds of Davis history in his shop.

The plane flies great, handling turbulence well.

I have a lot of work to do but it will be worth it. I feel this is a plane a lot of people are going to like.

Bryan Cass


Do you any specifications and performance data on the DA-3 you could share?

Still need to do a bit of work on the plane before I can get any real numbers to post.

I am in the Los Angeles area and needed to install an electrical system, transponder, radio...... That is now done and signed off. Installed a starter too, making life much easier.

Waiting on a new prop as the prop on the plane is a re-pitched metal climb prop. Replacing with a wood/ composite prop.

Once the new prop is on I will do a weight and balance to have a solid reference to start flight testing.


I believe I saw a DA-3, the first one, at Oshkosh. The airplane had the appearance of a DA-2 but door windows were wider and slightly longer with space for a small rear seat. The airplane was unpainted aluminum and the interior was somewhat naked. Out in the higher grass, not mowed all over in those days like it is now. No sign or label on the airplane. I  mentioned it to a friend the next day, we walked to the location but the airplane was not there. Not many tracks around to beat down the grass, so I suppose hardly anyone noticed or recognized it. I know of no other squat little aluminum flat sided airplanes like the Davis DA-2. It is nice to have the drawings available. I am working on a BD-4 project, much to work on yet, but similar in efficient simple structure.

Alvin Voigt


My question is should I wait to get the DA-3 plan, or should I go ahead and purchase DA-2 plans, with the booklet?