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DA-2A Review book

I have a set of DA-2A plans but wish I had purchased a set of review plans as well.  I have attempted to order via the site but no one seems to be sending out any drawings anymore or responding to the "Contact Us" form.

Anyone have a DA-2A review book they would sell me?  My first homebuilt aircraft is done and flying and I'm eager to start a DA-2A as my next project.




If you still want the book, let me know, I will make it right.


bradpayne has reacted to this post.

Hi Bryan,

Have you taken over again!  That would be great!


Yes, I will be resuming operation of the business. I can't make any promises on time frame for transfer at the moment as that is highly dependent on working with Rex to transfer all administrative accounts for the website.

Rest assured that I will do my best to take care of all orders in a timely manor along with some form of compensation for customers that placed orders that were never filled.



Sorry, it does not look like I will be resuming ownership. Rex is impossible to work with and accuses me of trying to steal his property. I can't see a way to work with the man.