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Buyer Beware

Tried purchasing plans for Davis DA2. Managed to get a hold of Rex a few times until I made the purchase through this website. Then silence. Finally after a couple of months I contacted PayPal to see if they had any way to complete my order. They too failed, and thankfully refunded my money.

Sad state of things. I had already purchased an engine to use too. I would have loved to see this plane supported, but looks like it's not going to happen. I would love to be proven wrong.

Sure looks like a nice plane. Wish I was working on one.

Anyhow just wanted to say - proceed with caution -

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I just ordered the $40 Davis DA2 plan review book.  I hope it arrives. How did you get a hold of Rex?

I might try to call him myself.  I sure hope he can fulfill all the orders.

Sound fishy to me.

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I've talked to BradPayne and it sounds like Bryan Cass used to own the rights to the Davis DA2 and the website. While Bryan had it, he stayed on top of things. Bryan sold out to Rex Winfrey and either he's been to busy with other things or is uninterested in supporting this aircraft, I don't know. I've talked to Rex a few times and never thought him to be shady, and submitted an order for the DA2 plans and review book. Like I've said, since my order I've not heard from him. I'd like to think I can be patient if I had a reason for the delay, but silence is all I got. So I recouped my order through PayPal after they were unsuccessful in reaching him.

If you have better luck than me, order two plans and I'll buy one off you. I'm still in love with this plane and wish I'd been started working on it a long time ago.



Let me know if you get or hear anything. Thanks


Just checking in to ask if anyone has been able to order anything from this site?

I have been trying to get hold of Rex myself to see about getting the rights back so I can take care of everyone that wants plans. I am very disappointed in how things have gone since selling to Rex.

If anyone manages to contact him, please let him know I am willing to work with him to get things back on track.




I am in the process of getting the business back. I will need a little bit of time to get everything changed over to my name, hopefully no more than a week or two.

For all those that placed an order and have had to get a refund, I will get with each of you with a special offer for your troubles.

Let's get things right again so the DA-2 and -5 can continue.



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How goes the process of getting the business back? I had tried (unsuccessfully) to order a plans review book a few months back, and am excited at the prospect that things may be getting back on track.


Unfortunately Rex has proven impossible to work with so it's just not going to happen. Add the fact he seems to have no desire to provide any form of customer service, the DA-2 may become an extinct species. Truly sad that such a great simple design will be lost.

I have decided to sell the DA-3 and move on because of all this.

You may be able to find some very useful resources on the forum.  Feel free to email me direct for more information.

I also have Leon's original forms jigs and templates available along with a few NOS bearings for flight controls. It doesn't look like Rex will ever come to get them or pay for packing and shipping plus over two years storage.


I'm very sorry to hear this news. Thanks for your help earlier with your advice when I was attempting to get a response from Rex regarding the Plans Review book I had ordered but never received. I appreciate your work and dedication to the DA-2, but completely understand your frustration. I was looking forward to building one, but sadly it's clear I'll have to look at a different aircraft model.