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Building a Davis DA2A

I would like to comment to anyone building  or completing any "Homebuilt" Aircraft, (having done so myself).

1. STICK TO THE PLANS & only make changes with your incredible ideas and notions AFTER you've completed your plane & flown it for a 100 hours or more?!

I've read several comments already from enthusiastic folks who "think"(?) they know better than Leon Davis, (not good).  I can assert to you that the Sonex nose gear is NOT better than what Mr. Davis has designed for the DA2A!  I own one of the nicest Sonex's anywhere and have gone through two nose gear's, (one folded on take off, the other at 37 mph on landing).

The Davis is never going to cruise at 140-150 mph on 5gph, (neither does the Sonex)!  I've had my Sonex do a fly by at 196 mph, burning 9.7 gph for a couple of minutes, but no one holds those rpm's for very long if they want to have an engine!  The Sonex does not cruise at 140-150 mph either, (perhaps at altitude with a good tailwind @ 2650-2700 rpm burning 7gph)?  I fly my Sonex by gallons per hour and generally speaking if I'm in the 4.1 to 4.7 gph range I'm cruising around 112-120 mph.  Them's the facts, all the rest of what you've ever heard from super duper pilots telling stories is pure nonsense.

Build your Davis "as is" and enjoy it.  All the best, Rola Cook



Great post........ great advice!!!!!