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3D Models

I have started working on 3D models for the DA-2A to help builders visualize the parts as they should look.  Here are some links to bulkheads I have completed:

Bulkhead Sta. 197.5:

Bulkhead Sta. 165.5:

Bulkhead Sta. 133.5:

Let me know what you think.

Bryan Cass

D2 Aircraft

I just added another 3D model. This is the Tail Mount and I must say it was quite the learning experience. It's not perfect but it gives the general idea of what it should look like.

Check it out:
As usual, let me know if you have any input.
Bryan Cass
D2 Aircraft

Those look great! Very nice job.

I think you should definitely do the tail mixer unit. Seeing how all those parts interact to make the tail work would be a great use of 3D visualization!


I actually intend to model the entire aircraft as time permits.  I agree that is a vital part to be able to visualize.


This is a very helpful (and nicely done) addition to a builder oriented site. And, even if not all parts can be done, I think any moving parts  (mixer) would be a definite plus for anyone building this.



Those are fantastic! Too cool.

Awesome!  We use similar type models in building the Orion spacecraft at work.  Big help!  Thanks for all your work!


I just started studying the plans I got last week for the -2 and -5. I would be more than happy to help with the drawings. Only thing is I use Solid Works.



Hi Rex,

Solid works would probably be better anyway. I have no experience in CAD really. The models I made were just fumbling my way through Fusion 360.

If you would like to discuss it sometime feel free to call. 562-773-7285.

Hope you enjoy the plans.